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1988 - A year like many others. The Olympic Games are held in Seoul South Korea; the first of the Die Hard movies is showing in the cinemas and people are listening to Guns N’ Roses, U2 and Enya. Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are about to change the face of global politics and the World Wide Web is first discussed at CERN.

Meanwhile, in 1988, two entrepreneurs who recognised the growing potential of combining China’s manufacturing capacity with Western know-how are about to launch a piece of history of their own. That piece of history was the first Motic microscope to roll off Motic’s own production line under the vision and guidance of Stephen Chan and Richard Yeung.

With a small production facility in Xiamen - one of China’s first designated zones for international trade - a young Motic hoped to provide affordable yet quality microscopes to Europe and the rest of the world.

Fast-forward to thirty years later. Korea is hosting the Winter Olympic Games, the World Wide Web is something we all take for granted, U2 and Guns N’ Roses are still enjoying fame and popularity and the Soviet Block is a thing of the past.

Motic in 2018 is a global brand recognised the world over for innovative and quality microscopy solutions. With around 2000 permanent employees and offices in North America, Europe and Asia the company is now able to deliver solutions not only to the Educational sector, but also to Industrial, Medical and Research markets.

Stephen Chan and Richard Yeung’s vision has enabled Motic to be one of the few foreign-owned companies to be allowed to list in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (300341). Motic has expanded through new products such as the award winning Panthera Line as well as through acquisitions such as the professional industrial solutions previously made under the Huvitz brand.

Today, the Motic group encompasses multiple brands covering multiple markets. Who knows what tomorrow can bring.

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Motic at a glance


Manufacturing plants


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Shenzhen Stock Exchange




From humble beginnings and only a handful of staff to a now publicly listed company with products and facilities spanning the globe, Motic is proud to celebrate its 30th year anniversary of growth and expansion.

Motic's rapid expansion to be among the top five recognized microscope brands in the world can be evidenced by some of its key milestones in market penetration as well as product innovation.

  1. The beginnings

    30 years ago, two entrepreneurs recognized an unfulfilled niche in the affordable microscopy market. Armed with European know-how, Stephen Chan and Richard Yeung started their own production of the first Motic microscope line in China’s coastal city of Xiamen making full use of the supply of skilled labor in the region.

  2. Opening of Motic’s distribution and sales offices in Barcelona, Spain as well as Wetzlar, Germany - famous as the birthplace of microscopy

  3. America's Distribution Center and Sales Office

    The North American market soon followed with the opening of our warehouse and sales office in Vancouver, Canada.

  4. The birth of the Moticams

    In 2002, Motic achieved another milestone by successfully converting any conventional microscope in the market into a digital microscope through the sales of its flexible and functional Moticam program.

  5. New AE and BA Series

    Motic enters into the high-end market with its popular AE and BA Series of inverted and upright microscopes.

  6. Motic celebrates its 25th Anniversary

    Under the claim "25th years more with you", Motic shows its strength in its 25th birthday by creating new advanced products and introducing Wi-Fi technology.

  7. MoticEasyScan launch

    Motic moves forward and enters into the Digital Scanners market with its first rapid high-resolution full slide imaging scanner. The perfect imaging resource for healthcare, research and education.

  8. Motic’s successful IPO on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

    Stephen Chan and Richard Yeung’s vision has enabled Motic to be one of the few foreign-owned companies to be allowed to list in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (300341).

  9. Panthera L, Motic's first Smart Microscope won the coveted Red Dot Design award

    The top Model of the Panthera Line, has been rewarded among 5500 products from 54 countries, for its innovative product design in combination with smart functionality

  10. EasyScan GO launch

    Motic announced its partnership with the Global Good Fund, a collaboration between Intellectual Ventures and Bill Gates, to create and distribute the EasyScan GO, a breakthrough AI-powered microscope to fight the spread of drug-resistant malaria and assist in case management.

  11. The future looks bright...

    as Motic aims to take microscopy onto the next level, finding new ways to fulfill the needs of today and the expectations of tomorrow.

Over the past few years we have put our efforts in making new product-dedicated Global Motic Group websites, with the aim of showing our products in a more accessible and understandable way.


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