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Motic Europe, Barcelona / Wetzlar


Motic is proud to present another one of its updated catalogues. The SMZ-168 Series has been the best-seller under the stereo zoom microscopes for many years now and was ready for a “fresh look”.

Of course not only have we changed the design of the catalogue, but we have also made sure that the latest accessories and models are included in the catalogue. To give you a few examples:


SMZ-168 LED version
During this year Motic has presented the LED version of the SMZ-168 with integrated incident and transmitted LED illumination as a standard model. The bright white light illuminates the sample perfectly without distributing any heat. While the intensity of the incident and transmitted LED illumination is controlled independently.

LED Ring light
A new addition to the 2011 program is the LED ring light.  Motic has selected 2 versions for you: there is one LED ring light with intensity control and another segmentable ring light to have the sample illuminated from different angles.


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