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Motic Europe, January 2012

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Free LED Module

First of all we would like to take the opportunity to wish everybody a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!

2012 will be an exciting new year where we will continue to present new microscopes to the market as well as to keep on improving our existing models. To start the year in the best possible way, we have decided to supply throughout the whole year a FREE LED module with the purchase of every BA410* or AE2000!

The LED Module turns your regular Halogen BA410 or AE2000 microscope instantly into an LED microscope. The user friendly design allows interchangeable illumination between Halogen and LED in a quick and easy way.

The Free of charge LED module comes with the following color temperature: 6000K +/-300K (bright white)

The advantages of LED illumination are well known:

The colour temperature remains constant
In case you do not require the full power of the LED´s, the colour temperature does not change. You will have bright white light under all circumstances.

White illumination
Not only the colour temperature remains constant, but it also eliminates the use of corrective blue filters

Low energy consumption
LED´s allow energy-saving work with high quality results. Reduce your carbon footprint by using LED solutions while saving on your energy bill.

Long life time
LED products have a much longer life span than any other type of illumination.
The Motic LED systems are rated for
10.000 working hours, which reduces the maintenance work and operating costs.

Cold light
LED´s virtually produce no heat. This means that the lamphouse or base of the microscope remains cool and samples will not be affected by the heat radiation after a longer period of time.

So take profit of this opportunity to try out the simplicity of our interchangeable LED module Free of charge.

Get your FREE LED module by ordering your BA410 or AE2000 with the promotion code: LED2012

* Only compatible with 6V/30W models purchased in 2012

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