Thursday, 01 September of 2016

New MoticEasyScan video

Watch our latest video and find out everything you need to know about our MoticEasyScan

Thursday, 11 August of 2016

New Moticam Tablet Solutions video

Wondering what the differences between the Moticam BTU8 and BTU10 are? What about the new BTW?

Wednesday, 10 August of 2016

New Moticam website -

As a result of the outstanding success of Motic's Digital Cameras and all its related content, we have decided to create a specific website gathering all the information of our Moticam on one site:

Wednesday, 08 June of 2016

MOTIC’s New Tablet Solutions: enabling computer-free digital microscopy

Here at Motic we are proud to announce another milestone in our digital microscopy solutions.

Monday, 30 May of 2016

NEW Epi-LED S: a safe and easy way to operate an LED Fluorescence system

We are happy to announce the launch of a new LED Fluorescence system, dedicated to work with the established basic upright microscope BA210 Elite.

Monday, 09 May of 2016

NEW Moticam 5+: high resolution at high speed

Great news! The Moticam 5 has been replaced for its new and improved PLUS (+) Version.