Thursday, 14 May of 2015

Motic likes to help Prof. Schuhen on her coming up expedition

Drinking water may turn out to be one the most valuable resources for the future of mankind.

Thursday, 19 March of 2015

Moticam S2 & T2: monitor your progress with our latest touch screen tablet cameras

Motic’s new cameras combine the latest technology applied in microscopy, which consists in integrating Android tablets of 7” and 10” to a digital camera for microscopy applications.

Tuesday, 13 January of 2015

MOTIC: a small contribution to help an endangered species

MOTIC’s microscope is now being used in Zimbabwe from the members of the “Painted Dog Conservation” to help save this endangered species.

Tuesday, 23 December of 2014

Look who came to visit us

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015. Thank you for being part of the Motic family.

Tuesday, 18 November of 2014

Thank you for coming to see us

Thank you for coming to see us in Düsseldorf during Medica Exhibition last week, it was great having you with us.

Friday, 07 November of 2014

Thank you for visiting us

On behalf of Motic Europe we would like to thank everyone that came to see us last week in Basel during Worlddidac Exhibition.