Tuesday, 05 November of 2013

Productronica - Munich, 12-15 November / Medica - Düsseldorf, 20-23 November

During the month of November MOTIC Europe will be attending two of the most important exhibitions taking place in Europe.

Tuesday, 01 October of 2013

PLUG, SHOOT & WIN: The winners receive their prizes

After having announced the winners of our PLUG, SHOOT & WIN Contest a while ago in our monthly newsletter we would like to share with you the pictures of the winners on the day in which their prizes were handed out to them.

Tuesday, 01 October of 2013

Moticam Sales Video

This video shows you what each camera contains, what the differences between each model are, as well as instructions on how to mount it onto your microscope.

Monday, 02 September of 2013

Choosing your Moticam

Still having doubts on which Moticam to choose? We have developed an easy tool that will help you select the Moticam that best fits your needs in just 3 easy steps.

Thursday, 01 August of 2013

Happy Summer!

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Motic offices will not be closed during summer holidays: someone will always be at your disposal for any request you might have.

Tuesday, 16 July of 2013

Heating stage: Perfect for live specimen microscopy

With the aim of broadening our microscope solutions, from now on Motic is going to supply a heating stage suitable for all B1, B3, BA210, BA310 and BA410 Series