Tuesday, 01 November of 2011

New Moticam Generation

Come and touch the future at Medica, Düsseldorf (16-19 November); or at Expoquimia, Barcelona (14-18 November).

Saturday, 01 October of 2011

Come and visit our booth

During the fall of 2011 there will be many events where MOTIC Europe will show a large variety of microscopes and digital cameras.

Thursday, 29 September of 2011

Motic and AVEPA-SEVC, 4 years working together!

Once more, we are pleased to announce the MOTIC-AVEPA collaboration during the SEVC (Southern European Veterinarian Conference), particularly in the blood test and cytology workshops.

Thursday, 01 September of 2011

Back to School

In most European countries the summer holidays are finished or are coming to an end. This means that students and teachers are getting ready to go Back to School.

Monday, 01 August of 2011

Summer 2011

The MOTIC Europe Team would like to take advantage of this Newsletter to send you our summer greetings. For the lucky ones that already are on holidays or planning to go: HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

Wednesday, 27 July of 2011

Change in the Phase ring concept of the AE2000

Motic announces a change in the Phase ring concept of the AE2000. As of today there are 2 new objectives available; PH20X and PH40X that both work with the Ph1 ring. These 2 new objectives will be replacing the Ph2 ring objectives.