Wednesday, 03 February of 2016

360º Product Animations: from every angle

We are happy to tell you that we have already uploaded some 360º product animations on our website. At the moment, our complete RED Line and Swift line are available for 360º viewing, and our plan is to upload the rest of our range bit by bit.


You will see that, when you first enter the 360º animation, the product spins once. You can also control the rotation with the mouse’s cursor. To see the product up-close, click on the magnifier icon. Once the magnifier is on, you can drag it over the image to see its details (this option is possible from every angle). If you wish to go back to the 360º image, simply click the 360º button (oval shaped arrow). The image will not rotate automatically again; you can rotate it manually either to the left or to the right with the mouse’s cursor.


We are very pleased with the implementation of this new feature. We believe it is a good and useful tool, which offers you much more information than it did before, as you can see the product from any angle you choose and all its details.


We hope you also find it a good feature, and trust it will help you as well. Enjoy!


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