Wednesday, 13 June of 2012

B1 microscopes will be equipped with external transformer and “Jack” connection

At Motic we strongly believe in the importance of continuous improvement in our products. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to upgrade one of our best-sellers, such as the B1 series. For this reason we are happy to inform you on the latest feature that we have implemented to this model. Starting now all B1 microscopes will be equipped with external transformer and “Jack” connection. You will start receiving the new B1 in the next coming months, depending on the stock situation of each different model.

The new feature offers the following benefits:

- The 12V cable prevents the user from any electric hazard, removing the need of having to connect a 220V cable to the microscope.

- The chances of any possible over-heating problem are remarkably reduced now, thanks to the removal of the internal transformer which allows a better air flow.

- After years of continuous use, any electrical system wears out. So far, whenever a B1 needed an electrical system replacement, it had to be done by our authorized technicians with all the related inconveniences that led to spend extra time and money. Now the whole process is much easier! The end user will be able to exchange the external transformer himself, by simply disconnecting and connecting a cable.


For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.