Tuesday, 20 December of 2011

DM1802 and DM39C-N9GO with 3.0MP

Great news from our Digital Department: the MOTIC digital educational microscopes DM-1802 (biological) and DM-39C-N9GO (stereo microscope) will be upgraded from 1.3MP to 3.0MP!


From the 1st of January 2012 all DM-1802 and DM-39C will include the 3.0MP without any additional costs.

What are the benefits of this change?


  • A higher resolution means more digital information - this enables you to use the digital microscope for documentation purpose.
  • A larger sensor size (from 1/3" to1/2") will show you more area of your sample while using the same objective / magnification
  • The perfect relation between the quantity of pixels and the sensor size ensure high quality images while having fast live images for inspection - even in the highest resolution


Take profit of this upgrade and order your DM-1802 or DM-39C now!


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.