Thursday, 29 September of 2011

Motic and AVEPA-SEVC, 4 years working together!

Once more, we are pleased to announce the MOTIC-AVEPA collaboration during the SEVC (Southern European Veterinarian Conference), particularly in the blood test and cytology workshops.


One step more: after four years of collaboration, MOTIC has decided to go a little farther and in this edition we will be present at the commercial exhibition (Hall 8, booth 252) in order to be even closer to the professionals of the veterinary branch.


Since 2007, the SEVC has been building its reputation as a conference whose scientific programme provides an outstanding continuing education opportunity for veterinarians all over the world. Again in 2011, more than 200 lectures by more than 100 world-wide experts will cover every aspect of companion animal veterinary care from diagnosis to therapy.


The Vision of the Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) is to be the leading companion animal veterinary practice information and continuing education event in Europe. The Mission of the Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) is to take the European companion animal veterinary community to the highest level of performance.


SEVC 29 september - 2 october 2011 Barcelona, Spain.