Thursday, 14 May of 2015

Motic likes to help Prof. Schuhen on her coming up expedition

Drinking water may turn out to be one the most valuable resources for the future of mankind.

Fossil fuels are already realized as finite and may be replaced by solar energy and wind power. Fresh water is still used in an unjustifiable and wasteful way. Only 3.5% of all water reserves on earth are sweet water resources. The water quality is influenced by “normal chemicals”, herbicides and insecticides from agriculture. More than 70.000 different chemical compounds are known. The most dangerous compounds could be pharmaceuticals, as their interaction (like in human bodies) is unexplored, and the filtration technology is in its infancy.

Prof. Katrin Schuhen from University Koblenz/Landau with her project “Wasser 3.0” is successfully working in this field. We congratulate for winning a GreenTec Award 2015 in the category “Wasser&Abwasser” (water & wastewater). Motic likes to help Prof. Schuhen on her coming up expedition to the North Cape with microscope BA310LED and camera Moticam 1SP hardware. The biological water inspection of plants and microorganisms will be combined with her chemical analysis approach to get a complete overview about the ecosystem’s “ingredients”. From time to time we will supply our readers with the latest news from her running lab.