Tuesday, 26 April of 2016

The New Standalone Moticam 1080 Full HD camera

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Moticam 1080 Full HD Multi-Output camera, as the improved successor of the well-established model Moticam 580. The Moticam 1080 is dedicated to documentation of microscopic results with a clear focus on maximum colour fidelity and fast live image.


Thanks to its on-board software, the new Moticam 1080 is a standalone system that works without computer and delivers an impressive 1080 (60P) live image on HDMI screen. Just connect a wireless mouse to the USB port and find out all the functions that it offers you. Still images or Full HD videos from the microscope can be saved onto its removable SD card.


In case the full functionality of the new Motic Images 3.0 with its measuring tools is needed, the Moticam 1080 can also be plugged into a Windows, OSX or Linux system through USB.


Some of the On-board software functions worth highlighting are:


Standard Tools: ROI, Image Split, Capture & Record...


Image Adjustments: Auto & Manual exposure, Light Frequency, white balance...


Advanced Settings: Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness, 3 different user settings...




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