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Motic Europe, Barcelona / Wetzlar

The company colour of Motic is Red, which stands for passion; passion for microscopes. However for this Motic News edition Motic is going Green.


For many years Motic has been trying to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible, of course without compromising on any of your needs. Since 2008 we have stopped sending out printed pricelist as a standard, which has helped saving many Kilos of waste paper. All our correspondence is saved digitally, waste paper from the offices (as well as the warehouses) is being recycled and many other precautions have been taken to reduce our carbon footprint.
But leaving aside the details of our internal arrangments, we have also created over the years a “greener” microscope solution for you; our LED illumination microscopes.

Motic offers for almost each type of microscope a LED solution and we are of course working hard on completing our range of LED microscopes.


Within our Classic and Education Line you can find many LED microscopes. There are actually only a few microscopes that do not come with LED illumination! There are corded and cordless microscopes, depending on the Series.

Professional Biological
The very popular BA210 and BA310 Series are also available with LED illumination. Now you can save energy and enjoy the benefits of LED at the University, Laboratory and Clinic, while working with a high quality and precision microscope.

Professional Stereo
The stereozoom microscope SMZ-168 is also available with LED illumination. The FBGG-LED Large working area stand has incident and transmitted LED illumination.
Even the K-Series microscopes can be fitted with incident and transmitted LED illumination.



If you are wondering what the key advantages of LED´s (Light Emitting Diodes) are, let us give you an overview with the most important benefits:

The colour temperature remains constant.
I case you require not the full power of the LED´s. the colour temperature does not change. You will have bright white light under all circumstances.

White illumination.
Not only the colour temperature remains constant, but the colour temperature of about 5500 Kelvin, eliminates the use of corrective blue filters

Low energy consumption.
LED´s allow energy-saving work with high quality results. Reduce your carbon footprint by using LED solutions and at the same time save on your energy bill.

Long life time.
LED products have a much longer life span than any other type of illumination.
The Motic LED systems are rated for 10.000 working hours, which reduces the maintenance work and operating costs.

Cold light.
LED´s virtually produce no heat. This means that the base of the microscope remains cool and samples will not be affected by the heat radiation after a longer period of time.



If you have any questions about the available LED microscopes, please contact your sales representative

Your Motic Europe Team