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The well accepted AE20/21 will be replaced by the AE2000 Series. This brand new Series is not just an up-grade, but it brings the inverted microscope line to a complete different level. The AE2000 has lots of new and unique features that will make the life of microscopists much easier.

In the new AE2000 Series there will be 3 different models, all having 360° swiveling eyepiece tubes:



Binocular with Ergo (tilting) function (30° - 60° angle)




The objectives range contains a complete set of bright field and phase contrast objectives: 4X, 10X, 20X and 40X. This means that we are now also have the special 4XPH objective for fast screening purposes.



The metal Phase slider has 3 positions, where the Phase rings PH0 (4X), PH1 (10X) and PH2 (20X-40X) can be inserted. The rings are separately available and any combination is possible.

The standard condenser of the AE2000 is the ELWD N.A. 0.3 (WD72mm), optionally there is also a LWD 0.4 (WD =53mm) available. Both condensers use the same phase slider and phase rings.
The condenser can be very easily removed. When removed a free working distance of 184mm is created.


Due to the complete change of the light management, the AE2000 gives the impression to have a more powerful bulb inside then the AE20/21, while it is still 6V/30W. This is thanks to the optimized light path and improved transmission rate. The AE2000 is standard equipped with a halogen bulb, however this one can be easily replaced by the optional LED module, this means that with one microscope 2 different types of illumination can be used.


Another new feature of the AE2000 is the “sleep mode”. There is a motion sensor built-in, which detects a user in front of the microscope. It automatically turns off the microscope when it is left for more than 15 minutes. By returning to the microscope the power is automatically reactivated!



We are pretty sure that after reading all of these exciting new features and improvements you are very eager to receive the new pricelist and sales conditions.

Naturally the AE2000 will not have the same list price as the AE20/21, as it contains so many new technologies and as mentioned before this microscope is definitely setting a new higher standard for routine live cell inspection.


If you want to learn more about the AE2000, contact your Motic sales representative now!!