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Motic Europe, Barcelona / Wetzlar

In this summer edition of the Motic News we would like to introduce to you a new family member of the Motic education program, called HB-008.

This is a low-budget primary school and hobby microscope.
Although this microscope is considered as low-budget, this does not mean that we are compromising on the materials or quality. This compact microscope has a stand made out of metal and the objectives made out of high quality optical glass.

For illuminating your specimen you have the option to use the mirror, by turning it into the correct position, or you can use the illumination system which is activated when placing the mirror in the vertical position. The illumination works on batteries and is therefore perfectly suitable for field work.

We are sure that this microscope will be loved by many children and students. After all, who doesn’t want to have a real microscope for the summer holidays, a birthday, a new school year or Christmas?

Contact your sales representative now to get more details and a quotation for this new microscope!

Taking profit of this summer edition of the Motic News, we would like to inform you that Motic Spain and Motic GmbH are both open during the whole summer.

We wish you a beautiful and relaxing summer, and don’t forget to place your orders!

Your Motic Europe Team