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Motic Europe, September 2012

Motic News
Evolution: BA-210E and BA-310E

Following our commitment with quality and our continuous search for self-improvement, we are proud to announce that our well established BA210 and BA310 series will now be available also in its "ELITE" version.

Optical improvements, better mechanical performance and versatile illumination options are the things that make this version "ELITE".

What are the specific upgrades?

- Motic's new generation of EC Plan Achromat objectives, derived from the flagship model BA410, set a new price-performance standard in optical quality. Some of the improvements are: excellent spherical aberration correction to significantly improve field flatness and resolution, superior colour fidelity through new multi-layer coated lenses, significantly increased working distances and lead-free manufacturing process according to RoHS standard.

- The ELITE model's addition of a new rackless stage concept without prominent gear rack allows a more convenient use of the x/y movement.

- Full freedom of Illumination options, the new model has a complete and easy interchangeability of its 6V/30W Halogen bulb with LED modules.

Contact your Sales Representatives to find out more about our "ELITE" version and place your orders now!

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