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MoticNews July 2014
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Check out our New Koehler illumination and contrast methods videos

If you’re still unsure on how to set up your Koehler illumination or on how to use polarization on your BA Series, be sure to watch the two new videos starring our specialist, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Klemenz. Put an end to all your doubts in a matter of minutes!

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What is going on...?

  A paper home, why not?
Wasps make paper nests. Wasps are expert paper makers, capable of turning raw wood into sturdy paper homes. A wasp...

  The flower development stages on the Brassicaceae family.
1. Early stages of flower development. The reproductive organs are being formed. 2. Pre-anthesis stages. Both stamen and...

  Small is beautiful
The fine glassy details of diatoms are admired already for hundreds of years, ever since the invention of the microscope...

  New video about How to connect the Moticam X to a PC
Learn how to connect the Moticam X to a PC in a few clicks...

  RED Line - 10 Years Warranty
Great news! Seeing its great success and quality, starting from the 1st of June 2014 our RED Line will have 10 years...
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