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MoticNews September 2014
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New Addition to the Elite family: BA410E & AE31E

Staying true to our aim of “always looking forward”, at Motic we are continuously working to improve our product in order to give you the solution that best fits your needs. For this reason in this edition of our newsletter, we are happy to present to you the improved and upgraded versions of the well-established models BA410 and AE31, the New BA410Elite and AE31Elite.

What is different about the BA410E?

- A complete set of optional PLAN APOCHROMATIC lenses is now available for maximum demands in colour reproduction.

- Increased Numerical Apertures provide an expanded resolution power for a more detailed specimen evaluation.

- Lab safety and energy saving: the AUTO ON-OFF function improves suitability for daily use.

-The clever LIGHT MEMORY function, based on an encoded 6-fold nosepiece, memorizes the light intensity of each objective position.

- For increased illumination requirements in light consuming contrast methods or multi-viewing devices, a 100W Halogen version is available.

> > Learn more about the BA410E on our website


What is different about the AE31E?

- The AE31E works with the newest generation of LWD Plan Achromatic lenses.

- Phase contrast is an integral part of the standard packages. The Phase concept requires only one Phase ring for Phase objectives 10X up to 40X; thus ensuring the proper light ring. An optional Phase 4X objective allows fast screening under low magnification.

- The newly added LIGHT MEMORY function, based on an encoded 5-fold nosepiece, will recall the last light intensity setup when changing to the respective objective position.

- For maximum brightness, a 100W Halogen version is available.

- A final instrument check before leaving the lab becomes obsolete by the AUTO ON-OFF mode via IR sensor, saving energy during standby periods in daily work.

> > Learn more about the AE31E on our website


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