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MoticNews March 2015
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Moticam S2 & T2: monitor your progress with our latest touch screen tablet cameras

Motic’s new cameras combine the latest technology applied in microscopy, which consists in integrating Android tablets of 7” and 10” to a digital camera for microscopy applications, thus converting your microscope in a standalone system without the need of a computer.

Share the microscope experience with others around you by easily mounting these tablet cameras on your microscope, and make your microscopy experience unique. 7” (Moticam S2) or 10.1” (Moticam T2) multi-touch screen tablet that run on Android operating system, and pre-loaded with Moticonnect T APP that allows to wirelessly share images with others via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and also HDMI connection. With just one click you will be able to capture high-quality images, measure and edit them as well as record HD videos. All it takes is a touch of your finger!


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